Birds Of Universiti Sains Malaysia

Category: Birds

Bulbuls/ Merbah
Pipit and Wagtails
Fairy Bluebird/ Dendang
Flowerpeckers/ Sepah
Shrikes/ Tirjup
Crows/ Gagak
Flycatchers/ Sambar
Drongos/ Cecawi
Fantails and Robins/ Murai
  • Ioras/
  • 2 Photos | Updated May 12, 2010
Orioles/ Kunyit
Whistlers/ Siul
  • Pittas
  • 2 Photos | Updated May 14, 2010
Bee Eater/ Berek-berek
Woodpecker/ Belatok
Barbets/ Burung Takor
Rollers/ Tiong Batu

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