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Posted by M. A. Muin on January 12, 2011 at 2:05 AM

Being one of the USM's staffs gives me the opportunity to explore the campus more than who is not. But i guess that's not the fact because of my job which is not related to my hobby doesn't allow me to spend more time birding. Anyway, like everybody said, its a matter of luck too when it comes to birding. Here are some of my rare find recently from the campus... An Eyebrowed Thrush,

On 10 December 2010, i saw this bird with another individual at Alumni House during my lunch time. When i first saw it, i know it is an unsual sepcies to the campus. The belly is whitish and it has a distinct white supercilium. It was feeding on a fruiting Ficus tree nearby together with Asian Glossy Starling. As it was friday, i went for friday prayer and came back to the same tree to check it and try to get some photos. Lucky me, it was stil around. On 25 December 2010, i went to Tasik Aman for a short birding. After  a while, i sat down to write all of my sighting into my notebook. I was nearly finished writing when suddenly i heard a lot of noise made by a few birds around the lake. Suddenly a bird flew on top of my head and perched on a branch across the lake. At first i thought it was a sparrowhawk...but after a closer look, i realized it is a Hawk Cuckoo. Known for its rarity, i rushed myself to get some shots. I managed to get two shot of it on a clean perch and quite close by before it flew off..Thanks to Dave Bakewell for pointing it out as Large not malaysian hawk cuckoo. Another new bird for the campus...

 A shot showing rusty colored tail tip...

This shot shows the nape,

I hope i can find some of the other rarities soon so i can proceed with the book for USM's birds. Wish me luck! Thanks.

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